• Benour and Deonca Renee
    We are living a life based on God’s Word. Dr. Bonadie teaches us that God’s desire is for us to be the head and not the tail, to be progressive and not stagnant. His clear and consistent teachings have molded us and, as we walk in obedience, we have seen the manifestation of God’s goodness. Dr.Bonadie’s accurate prophesy of promotion beyond expectation moved Deonca into a continuous cycle of promotion at work, resulting in her new position of School Principal. Dr. Bonadie always reminds us that God is faithful to those who are faithful to him. Our faithfulness to God has moved us from sleeping on the floor at a relative’s home to having our very own. We now also have a combined six figure income. Dr. Bonadie’s teachings have had a remarkable impact on our lives!
    Benour and Deonca Renee
    Brooklyn, New York
  • Hazel McMillan
    I walked into Kingdom Life Ministries thirteen years ago with no job, no money and great emotional distress. Dr Bonadie’s sermon "God’s interested in the little things in our lives" healed my brokenness, helped my bitterness, malice, and unresolved anger.
    Hazel McMillan
    Brooklyn, New York
  • Maxine Cabrall
    During our annual 48 hours of prayers in January 2010, I submitted my prayer requests with great expectancy. I wanted to be free from credit card and loan obligations, earn a six figure income by the end of the year and expand my business. Over the years Dr. Bonadie has taught us that faithfulness to God’s Word and His principles will yield results. Just as I had requested at the end of 2010 I became totally debt free. I acquire the resources to open a new preschool and I also hit the six figure income mark. God has done me well!
    Maxine Cabrall
    Brooklyn, New York
  • Kegan Phillip
    Obtaining a resident position in my college dormitory would reduce my tuition and lessen the financial strain on my parents. Dr. Bonadie has always taught us that as God’s children, we are destined for victory and success in every area of our lives. In an act of faith and a desire for victory I took the job application and he prayed for me. Yes, prayer does work. I got the job. Later on my father become ill with prostate cancer, creating additional financial strain. The church family not only prayed for me but also raised monies towards my dad’s care. My dad is now cancer free and I have a bachelor’s degree.
    Kegan Phillip
    Brooklyn, New York

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