The Lordship of Jesus

Our King and Savior. He is the essence of all revelation and the template of our recreated existence; the pattern of conduct and ministry.


Our ethical code. We adhere to a strict compliance to the spirit of truth.


Doing that which is exceptionally good; superb and with the highest and finest quality. We serve with excellence. We work in excellence. We worship His Excellency.

High Levels of Productivity and Fruitfulness

Productivity- to bring forth; fruitfulness-results. A full application of intelligence and skill with diligence for the fulfillment of divine expectations.

Covenant Relationships

The strongest and most enduring form of relations; we possess an uncommon resolve to unselfishly live in perfect harmony with the company of redeemed humanity in selfless friendships, protection and care.


Forfeiture of something for the sake of something considered to be of greater value. We sacrifice all things for Christ in everything we do; as Christ has made the ultimate sacrifice.


Full persuasion of unseen and future realities. Through the force of faith we activate the supernatural power of God and bring His promises to pass.


A high regard to leadership. Honor is the environment required by God for leaders to perform their God given assignment and for the manifestation of the presence of God.


To give joyfully. A healthy commitment to God’s economy of offerings.


A display of the character of God to all mankind. It is the most basic Christian virtue and the greatest display of maturity.

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