The 365 Congress of NYC gatekeepers is a coalition of 365 men and women of God committed to building a multi-thousand ‘prayer movement’ in New York City.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Congress of NYC GateKeepers is to create a coalition of 365 (one for every day in the year) men and women of God responding as true catalyst to gathering thousands of intercessors from within the NYC area and around the world; to usher in a move of God where signs and wonders manifest, thereto fostering massive local church growth.

Vision and Purpose

Dr. Peter Bonadie received the burden of the Lord for the care of the people of the Kingdom and by extension the community. He came to realize that of the 613 Laws in the Old Testament, over 230 are health-related. They instruct matters of dietary practices, public health and hygiene and the management of infectious diseases. Additionally, most of the other laws instruct a quality of life adhered to providing God’s people with prosperous living in the nations.

In the ministry of the Lord Jesus, the people who quantify His ministering time find that He spent over 1/3 of His ministering time healing the sick and bringing deliverance to the people in the most basic and mundane way.

Dr. Bonadie launched 48 hours of prayer to call upon God in a corporate way to release his power on behalf of the people. It began at 770 Park Place, Brooklyn, NY and is now growing into a multi-thousand operation with the potential of gathering tens of thousands.