Expanded Vision Concepts

As much as we have a mandate to pray for the integrity of civil government, and pray for it we must, the pattern of the Lord is that he spent brief moments working in those areas but most His prayers focused on the advancement of the Kingdom and the healing of the people. Therefore, most of our prayer time should follow this pattern.
The power of persuasion is not uncommon and was present even in the time Jesus walked the earth. As the church gathers in numbers we could even affect the political arena.
The acquisition of financial power is of paramount importance as no vision, even the vision of God for the Kingdom of God in the earth, could be establish in the earth without it. He told the Jews that “I gave you the power to get wealth so that I can establish my covenants.” Israel’s religious culture was empowered by an elaborate system of offerings brought to the House of God on a systematic and regular way.Every move of God brings millions into the Kingdom especially when that move hits city-wide frontiers. The Kingdom is magnetic and attracts wealth. Many people tend to follow the famous. Then we must make God FAMOUS in our community and he wants to work with us. Amassing great fortunes is locked into the number of people you serve. This is an enormous principle. Indeed, they who solve problems are paid. By the way, this is not a carnal concept. Let’s believe God to see thousands flock into the Kingdom of God. Every local church represented must be full to overflowing and the Kingdom of God must be bursting at the seams.
48 Hours of Prayer will be the apex of our annual prayer strategy. If we build an alliance of 365 leaders who commit to register and supervise the attendance of the same, we will gather 36,000 to pray.
Kingdom Life Ministries will be the hum around which this operation flows. The ministry holds the experience, spiritual and intellectual capital to fulfill the administrative needs of the movement.