Cedra BairdDr. Peter Bonadie - Founder & Director

Dr. Peter Bonadie is a teacher and leader extraordinaire. He delivers the word with masterful understanding from an uncommon perspective. Dr. Bonadie has ministered to over half a billion souls, preached close to 50,000 messages, and delivered thousands of personal prophecies. The grace on his life has transformed individuals into an accurate and joyful relationship with Christ. His extraordinary understanding of the Kingdom of God equips the believer for high levels of management and productivity. His sharp prophetic gifting unveils the purposes of God to the hearers and bears a stern rebuke to enemy forces throughout the Kingdom.

Dr. Bonadie is a former Assistant District Superintendent of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (St Vincent District), Former President of the Global Network of Kingdom Ministries and a member of the Apostolic Core of the Global Kingdom Community. As a certified nutritional Consultant and with an earned PhD in Religious Philosophy he imparts the manifested presence of God with intensity, clarity and grace.

Dr. Bonadie is the host of a weekly radio broadcast where he speaks to hundreds of thousands within the tri-state. He is also a local leader and pulls together the largest prayer altar during the annual 48 Hours of Prayer, where speakers from around the world join in to minister to souls. Dr. Bonadie is a published author and leaves his readership in an empowered position with a superb understanding on the subject matters discussed. Some of his most sort after books are, Understanding the Kingdom, Curses Causes and Cures, 7 Manifestations of the Curse, Ye Are gods and Altars to Thrones.

Dr. Bonadie is the founder of Kingdom Life Ministries International located in Brooklyn New York and the CEO of Peter Bonadie Ministries. Along with his lovely wife, Pastor Shelly-Ann Bonadie, they raised four amazing children who serve in the ministry. He is also a proud grandpa!

Cedra BairdDr. Cedra Baird - IKA Coordinator

The institute is a subsidiary of Peter Bonadie Ministries, Inc. It is a prophetic instrument designed to build new levels of radical and consistent obedience to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and unleash an army of Kingdom Practitioners in the marketplace and workplace of life. The institute seeks to bring its participants into the fullness of the measure and stature of Christ.

Dr. Baird has extensive leadership qualities. She is also a church leader and has lent support and supervision in so many areas of ministry over the past four decades. She has a wealth of experience in youth and children’s ministry, the ministry of the word, and church administration. Her love for the Lord and service to His people has catapulted to higher levels since she became a member of Kingdom Life Ministries ten years ago. Dr. Baird is consistent and a reliable resource to Dr. Peter Bonadie.

Dr. Baird is married to Prince Baird and has four adult children Donna, Dyke, Keino and Keidra.

Cedra BairdAnderson Williams - Teacher

Anderson Williams brings with him well over twenty years of evident Apostolic competence. His resume is littered with powerful mentoring, revelation capacity, prophetic functionality, keen spiritual sensitivity and manifested building capability.

Based in the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Andy as he is fondly called, is one of the founding members of Basileia Learning Space (BLS) – an open-house, “deep-dive” revelation environment specifically designed to serve, empower and resource the Body of Christ. Anderson also serves as the Founder of the Global Round Table (GRT) – an ever-expanding coalition of global leaders with evident Apostolic influence who sit, strategize, think, plan, pray and consider the correct execution of the advance of the Kingdom of God across the earth. He is also one of the founding members of the Advanced Apostolic Conversations (AAC). An initiative that seeks to activate and bring greater awareness of a more advanced and relevant Apostolic movement. The AAC is a Kingdom Roadshow that moves across the earth activating, empowering and mobilizing the Body of Christ to its earth-based responsibility.

Anderson Williams is a simple man with a big heart for the things of the Kingdom.

Cedra BairdDr. Romero Maridjan - Teacher

Dr. Romero Maridjan is the senior apostle of Crusaders Zuid Holland, which is based in Rijswijk in the Netherlands. Crusaders Zuid Holland is a vibrant apostolic community with the vision to bring reformation to her city and impact her community for Kingdom advancement.

Dr. Romero Maridjan is also the founder of RSM Ministries. An equipping, training and coaching platform for “applied equipping” for the body of Christ at large. He is also the CEO of Research Solutions in Motions Developments B.V. ( RSM Developments ) A business entity. RSM Developments BV’s core-business is furnished around “private equity funding”.

Dr. Romero is marked as a highly skilled communicator who in his unique way not only engages the listener but also tools the hearer for personal development. He is the creator of over 400 audio and video training series that have been designed to equip the total man. He excavates both spiritual wisdom as well as practical principles for the purpose of “applied equipping”.

Dr. Romero’s leadership style is extracted from over 20 years of leadership positions and experience. His ability to translate vision into actual reality is a testimony to his gift as a sent one. His undying passion as a people-developer is evidently seen in the many lives and organisations he has trained, developed, changed and touched by his service.

Cedra BairdKathy-Ann Hicks - Teacher

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