Altars to Thrones (ATT001)

Altars to Thrones is a course designed to impart new and improved strategies for answered prayers. It is based on the idea that the New Testament does not have a strong revelation of Altars but has a revelation of thrones. Therefore, the believer does not pray from a position of a pauper-hood, he prays form the Authoritative Position of Royalty.

Understanding the Kingdom of God (UKG002)

This course is a masterfully designed set of principles that not only defines the Kingdom of God, but digs deep into the archives of God and extracts the kingdom agenda to rule the material world and provide the tools for living a victorious and productive Christ-Centered Life.

Becoming a Peak Performer (BPK003)

The Institute believes that the very first commandment given to mankind is the command to be productive (fruitful). Becoming a Peak Performer is possible for all. Hence this course will provide the tools for effective goal setting, skillful execution at the workplace and marketplace. It will further give the basics for understanding money systems.

The God-Kind (TGK004)

The God-kind provides ground breaking revelation on the nature of the redeemed man. Its philosophical platform is that one cannot ask a man to do a ‘God thing’ (righteousness, dominion) while teaching him that he is ‘mere man’. The participants’ faith would soar as they peer deeply into the mysteries of redemption and come to see that they are of the offspring of God. Each participant would come to see why the people that know their God will be string and do exploits.

Breaking the spirit of Poverty (BSP005)

This course will show that God made man the ruler of the material world and therefore the man should possess and manage things. This course will provide the doctrinally accurate position that God wants all of His children to prosper and be abundantly supplied. The course will provide practical tools to empower each participant to move to their wealthy Place.