We invite you to partner with us to fulfill our vision and mission. Becoming a partner is easy and quick. Join the hundreds who have covenanted with Dr. Bonadie to make a difference in the lives of millions.

Who Is A PBM Partner?

A PBM partner is one who does the following:

1. Prays for PBM operations regularly
2. Listen's to PBM's ministry on the TV, Radio or online
3. Supports PBM financially to impact lives globally with a
donation of not less than $20 monthly
4. Volunteers to serve in ministry with the PBM Team
5. Attends special meetings by PBM

How You Benefit

A PBM partner will receive:

1. Periodic CDs of Dr. Bonadie and other messages
2. 10% discount on select products purchased at events with
membership card
3. Discount on Peter Bonadie Ministries Conference Registration Fee
with membership card
4. Preferred seating at PBM Conferences with membership card
5. Periodic give-a-ways, gifts and coupons
6. Prayer for you
7. Newsletters and updates